Yelp Page Creation and Optimization for Your Business


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Business’s online presence by creating a Yelp listing? Say no more.

I’ll create, set up, and optimize a new Yelp page for your business from scratch. This package includes:️

️Creating and setting up a new Yelp listing. This either means that I’ll create the page myself, or provide you a full guide and assistance on how to set up a listing by yourself (if you want to do it yourself).

I’ll first research similar businesses in your area, and then create a detailed plan on how to make an efficient listing and quickly rank it for the respective keywords. Then I’ll create a Yelp listing and make sure it’s approved by Yelp (the approval process usually takes up to 48 hours). After approval, the listing will be fully set up and optimized to make sure it ranks for all the relevant keywords.

️️The listing would be fully set up, including all the information about your business, your project gallery and all the necessary content. This information might be either taken from your business website, or we’ll write it from scratch (however, it is advised to have a website before creating a Yelp listing).


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